One Mummy ~ One Million Dollars ~ One Year~ by Nina Montgomery

one mummy one million dollars one year

one mummy one million dollars one year by nina montgomery

one mummy one million dollars one year by nina montgomery

Hello and welcome to my story!

My name is Nina Montgomery and I am the owner of Personalised Tutu’s Australia~ which is a cute little online girls first birthday outfit boutique located in Melbourne Australia.

Although I mainly make 1st birthday outfits for toddler and baby girls, I also began writing a series of short e- books in 2015 that form part of the “When Mummy Needs Money” series that are designed to help women start their own business and which saw this website created.

Whilst writing the book for “How I Started A Blog With No Idea” I decided to investigate and see if it was possible to make money blogging.

I also decided to set a challenge if I could make one million dollars in one year but at the same time building a free or low cost online women’s business resource.

From January to March 2016~  I researched as much as I possibly could to see if this was possible.

From April to June 2016 ~ I got sick and spent quite a few months “processing” what I had learned but still working my day job at Personalised Tutu’s Australia.

From July to September 2016~ I began building The Change Room

And then from October to December~ I plan on trying to finalise the Change Room~ then closing my eyes, making a wish and a prayer, and seeing if everything I have learned comes together and works lol!

If you would like to read the 90 days research~ you can find the blog posts below.

If you would like to watch the videos of my friend and I talking through each diary entry~ you can find them inside these blog entries (though please note that these were filmed in July whereas the blog written entries were live at the time so some of it is out of sequence. They also take up lots of my data to upload so I can only upload a few each week) you can have a little look at the first few days here which we filmed in one batch~ though after this we did them day by day (one at a time) so I will load them in the proper days order. The first video is for day 1 and 2:

and then this second video is for days 3-6. After this they get loaded onto each individual day (when I get time to load them all on!!)


If you would like to take part in The Change Room to see me teach what I have learned~ you can find it at

And lastly~ all of the answers to how I did it~ are within the blog posts….however….if you can not put the pieces of the puzzle together and would like step by step explanations~ then listen in to the 11th hour podcast when it gets released in September as I tell you step by step each week until New Years Eve~ exactly how I managed to bring it all together.

Nina xoxox

oh. Ps. If you want to read the 90 day research blog posts~ I recommend scrolling all the way to day 1 and then reading them in order otherwise they are displayed backwards ~ which doesn’t make much sense!!