Sales funnels and concentric circles

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The best kind of marketing is when you realise you are being marketed to, but it is helpful and relevant to what you want to purchase and you are glad someone has anticipated what you need.

This is the true type of sales funnel (or concentric circles) that we want our customers to experience.

Where the customer is glad you have offered them a solution to the problem or desire they are having, at exactly the right time they are looking for it.

This course was made for the Hummingbird workshop on 15/8/18 when the group decided this was the next topic they would like to learn about.

It teaches basic sales funnel principles merged with an understanding of the customer journey through concentric circles.

You can purchase this course outright otherwise if you are a member of the weekly forum, it will be available for you Wednesday 15/8/18

If you would like further reading on an alternate view to looking at sales funnels, try this free¬†18 page pdf by Seth Godin “Flipping the funnel” by clicking on the download below.

flipping the funnel seth godin the change room

Flipping the Funnel–new ebook



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