Between now and 2023 I am partaking in both The Apprentice and Master Journey of 1,000 Steps.

We originally began this in January 2020 but covid has other plans, so it was re-launched in July and I buddied up with Andrea and pledged to do it together with her for as long as she commits (currently 6 months minimum).

To keep up to date with how I am progressing — I’ve created a “now” page for the community.

Due to time restraints, I will aim to do it monthly over the 36 months.

So far completed is:

CARD ONE- The Voyage

The Prosperity Project Journey of 1000 Steps


Steps 1-30

Created core values for myself and :


[foogallery id=”4508″]

Got my “About Page” up

Added my core values in to:



and facebook

made the core value video for

got my video done with Andrea (still needs loading onto youtube, I’m still trying to decide if I will open a youtube channel– more of that later)

and got my podcast hosting reactivated with podbean and embedded onto the website

For the Master “light side” I am contributing content marketing as my core subject.

For this I mapped and created the 30 step draft:

created the core values images to use as an anchor

Made a PDF compilation with the text from each days post as a digital product for sale

Chose Garmin (my everyday watch which I love and recommend) for an affiliate product

and created a series of blog posts and merit badges to correspond to what I was thinking/feeling/doing at the time.

Currently my social platform of choice is instagram, but this is purely because of the emphasis on visual and Andrea has our facebook page.

On a side note with this, I need to get into the habit of writing on the blog and then pushing to insta, otherwise if fb ever ban my page etc, I will lose all the content which has been created.

Next up, we move onto:

CARD 2: The Unreliable Narrator

Steps 31-60

For my submission of work for The Master Journey, I once again mapped and created the 30 steps- this time for Personal Branding

[foogallery id=”5124″]

and also got a pdf of all 30 days as a product for sale.

I still ran with the garmin watch as my affiliate product, though this will change in the coming years, and I also played around with The Prosperity Project Dark Side Workshop which we are now offering.

This took a while, but I finally got the sales page up for it. I’ll share a few images below, but to see the completed page, you can find it here:

[foogallery id=”5136″]





I really hit a wall this month- as my internal moral compass slammed straight into the character I was creating for this season’s story…which you will see more of below.

On one hand I was reaching my dreams of finally presenting The Prosperity Project Light Side and Dark Side together as one complete project, yet on the other hand, this year I am due to portray an advertising and marketing exec + strategic creative writer for the final installment of the project.

As you will see from the content below, my website needed to be overhauled, the pdf and final parts of my Master Submission began to come together….and I got oh-so-close to finishing it, when Melbourne’s announced extended stage 4 lockdown, and I made the heartbreaking decision to walk away from The Garden Frankston.

Although this doesn’t seem like much- when The Garden is taken out of The Prosperity Project, it also took my dreams for teaching marketing literacy to the people in our community and the greater world at large away with it at the same time too.

I ended up in a massive ethical dilemma….

Would I continue pushing the project out into the world if I wasn’t going to end up teaching, or would it be better to walk away once and for all…and just showcase who I really am…..

..but I’m getting ahead of myself.

For now, this was the content created for Card 2- The Unreliable Narrator:

Step 37~ Who needs to know about what you have to offer?

For my submission for The Master Journey of 1,000 Steps, I choose the city of Frankston. This is where my business at The Garden Frankston was located, and I am aiming for the project to highlight how creatives and professionals can come together as one

Step 38~ What is the common thread between the people you love working for?

My ideal client highly values and appreciates creativity 


Step 39~ Decide on 3 key areas of expertise which set you apart from others.

In response to Step 39 in the Apprentice Journey,

the final paragraph I settled on was:

Oh…go see Nina!

She’s a strategic creative storyteller. She’ll show you how to create a story worth sharing with the world. 

Step 40~ The Apprentice Journey of 1,000 Steps

Who do you feel best qualified to help with your key areas of expertise?

Step 41 and 42~ Create a rough draft and then edit your brand story explaining the challenge you faced in the beginning of your journey.

My brand story began with the challenge of seeing whether or not it was possible to make one million dollars in one year  The PDF is now available on my website as a free download 

Step 43 and 44 ~ Create a rough draft and then edit your brand story explaining the turning point that occurred in your journey.

The turning point in my brand story occurred when I learned
that I wasn’t seeing things clearly 

Step 45 and 46~ The Prosperity Project Apprentice Journey of 1,000 Steps

Step 47~ The Prosperity Project Apprentice Journey of 1,000 Steps.

Craft your brand message 

Step 48 The Prosperity Project Apprentice Journey of 1,000 Steps

Please Note: These are short keywords * We will expand on this later in the workshop

Step 49, 50,51,52,53,54,55 The Prosperity Project Apprentice Journey of 1,000 Steps 

Create a mood board with colours, fonts, images and quotes

The Prosperity Project Apprentice Journey of 1,000 Steps

Organise photo to be used for headshot/gravatar/email signature etc.

I ended up using two of these.

One for my professional look which is quite sensible and bright and the other for the creative look where it’s upside down and I’m dressed in black and all broody

The Prosperity Project Apprentice Journey of 1,000 Steps Step 53

Create logo, signature and/or favicon

Step 54 The Prosperity Project Apprentice Journey of 1,000 Steps 

If my business were a quote it would say…..

The Prosperity Project Apprentice Journey of 1,000 Steps.

Share your mood board with the community 

Step 56 and 57 The Prosperity Project Apprentice Journey of 1,000 Steps- Update your email signature

Step 58- Update social media with logo/headshot and brand fonts etc

I ummed and aahhed with this headshot, because gravatar pulls the same image regardless of website, so it looks ok on my personal brand, but sticks out like a fish out of water on The Prosperity Project- Mind Body Business!!


Step 59 and 60

I finished today’s task in an unusual way with the bio shared on linkedin and facebook showcasing the future direction I will be moving in once my time with The Prosperity Project- Mind Body Business is finished 

Once I completed all the tasks, I made a couple of merit badges to celebrate.

This one here is for The Apprentice Journey

And this one here is for The Master Journey.

I completed all steps, and then a day or so before I had to transition to the card of The Guest, I made the heartbreaking decision to walk away for The Garden.

As mentioned earlier, this threw all my hopes, dreams and wishes for not only The Prosperity Project, but also my entire future right out the window.

In two days I was meant to be teaching all about business branding, and the business I had set up for The Prosperity Project was being shut down.

I think what made things worse- was that it was me choosing to walk away.

I wasn’t completely down and out (which is my nature– I’m the kinda girl who won’t give up and walk away unless I’m completely all aces on the table and nothing else left up my sleeve)….. however a seismic shift in me had occurred as I produced my personal branding and got my pdf for the Master Journey ready to share with the world.

[foogallery id=”5150″]

Not only had the covid19 announcements bound my hands, but in a weird kind of way it also had removed my own blindfold and enabled me to finally figure out the ending to my story- both sides to it…which caused another <not so much ethical dilemma> but more so a laughable turn of events, as I finally realised what I had done wrong all these years…which was exactly the same thing I had been sharing in my stories.

[foogallery id=”5167″]

Both myself, and my business at The Garden Frankston– had been trying to be someone that we were not.

Here I was writing and sharing a story with the world about Frankston having an identity crisis when I realised all along it was me.

Frankston was fine the way she was…it was everyone else (including myself) who had a problem with what Frankston was.

And it seems that I am fine the way I am too… and that it was everyone else (including myself) who has a problem with who I really am….