A Journey To The Otherside {With Guests}

“Oh you make me laugh!!


You think I want to be involved with something like that?

With someone like….


This is a refined establishment.

We have a reputation to uphold.

What are you even offering anyway?

A journey?

Of what huh?

Where are you going to take me?

Where do I end up?

Where does my company end up?

In some artistic piece of work?

Nobody does art these days.

I don’t need art.

I need clicks.



Metrics I can track…

And market to.

You want to create art for the sake of art?

There’s no money in that…..


There’s no money in that.

At all.

“So it’s a deal then?”


“3 months.

You can have 3 months.

And we’ll re-assess after that.”