A Prayer in C Sharp


If you take a minute to sit down and analyze some of the greatest personal brands our generation has ever seen, can you define a single common thread which weaves all great personal brands together?

Whether it’s Kim Kardashian, a humanitarian like Greta, or one of your favourite artists or bloggers online…..what denominator is the same regardless of their social standing, demographic or psychographics?

Would you agree each of these individuals is more than 100% true to themselves– regardless of what anyone else thinks?

Even if one has a dream to stop global warming and another wants to endorse makeup, perfume and create her own clothing line– a good personal brand hasĀ  taken time to “unlock” the person behind the brand, before that brand has been released to the wider world.

Now don’t get me wrong. We don’t know whether Kim or Greta put thought into their personal brand or whether or not it simply evolved with time, but we do know that the success of both girls today, tomorrow and many years down the track will be determined by how they represent themselves and show up in the world which is important to them.

There are many people who don’t have a manufactured brand and who don’t want to put any thought into their online presence, and this is perfectly ok.

However, if you do think having an online presence for yourself is something you should put a little thought and care into before you go half way around the internet leaving a data footprint which is difficult to reclaim, then you may want to consider this coaching package.

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to make sure your true brilliance is authentically shared with the world for the person you were yesterday, the person you are today, and the person in the future who you want to become.

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Published by Nina M

Nina Montgomery is a creative writer. When she is not writing stories, you can find her facilitating at The Prosperity Project where she teaches marketing literacy to people in the community. https://theprosperityproject.com.au/