Can’t Teach or Won’t Teach?


Let’s be truthful now….

Is it that you can’t….


Is it that you won’t?

I believe every person in the world reaches a high level of competency in their chosen profession and one day hits a pivotal moment in their career.

Although you may have been a well compensated and highly sought after professional– working your way up the corporate ladder of awe and respect–one day whilst sitting in your very expensive chair surveying the latest expensive gift from a client– you watch a young person walk in the door thirsting for knowledge, bursting with excitement, full of energy and eager to rule the world and then and there you have a realisation.

You’re old.

And you’ve been doing this a long time.

And if the knowledge you have is going to be transferred to the young kid that just walked in the door or another member in the organization…..then you need to make a decision on whether or not it’s going to be you or someone else who gives it to them….even though you know that knowledge you have is what makes you valuable….

and irreplaceable….

and well compensated

….if ….

you hang on to it and keep it all to yourself.

When this occurs you may think….

“No.” I can’t teach another person.

They won’t get it.

It’s too much knowledge to transfer.

They’re too young/too stupid/too emotional/ too <what?? Anything…Insert anything in here that you think>…

But is it true?

Is it that you can’t teach or is it that you won’t teach?

If it’s because you can’t teach because you don’t know how to simplify or break down and compartmentalise the knowledge you have, then this coaching package is for you.

Booked in minimum 15 hour blocks it allows you time and space to work through The Journey of 1,000 Steps as a framework to transfer knowledge in a straightforward and simple way.

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Published by Nina M

Nina Montgomery is a creative writer. When she is not writing stories, you can find her facilitating at The Prosperity Project where she teaches marketing literacy to people in the community.