How Do People Make Money Online- Chapters 1 & 2


This chapter is from the PDF:

“How do people make money working from home?” and comprises of chapters 1 & 2.

It was created in 2016 as a 6 chapter PDF as a product for sale and used as part of the story for 1M1M1Y to showcase how to make an asset of Intellectual Property.

The Portfolio of 1M1M1Y has many parts to it– This specific PDF was created as social proof to showcase:

  1. How to use worksheets as a free lead magnet
  2. How to create a digital product for sale (a PDF created with your own IP)
  3. How to create an online course (there is a 6 part video series to go with this)
  4. How to use SEO as an organic form of advertising
  5. How to craft a headline with copywriting
  6. How to create an advertising image in canva
  7. Understanding and showcasing the rules for image licensing and fonts for commercial and domestic use
  8. Using images to convey and re-iterate meaning
  9. Using images as social media quotes

Plus many others too.

Purchasing this gives you the first two chapters in the PDF. It is complete and (mostly) unaltered/unedited since 2016 and consists of 23 pages including worksheets.

Please note this is a really basic PDF, not like the big books we use in The Prosperity Project today, but it’s still a really simple way to get started without getting overwhelmed.


Published by Nina M

Nina Montgomery is a creative writer. When she is not writing stories, you can find her facilitating at The Prosperity Project where she teaches marketing literacy to people in the community.